Online Casino Games Guide

The world of online casino games will surprise you with its diversity. However, to get the most out of the gameplay, it is important to understand the difference in the game rules and the options available. Our guide sheds light on all types of gambling entertainment and some statistics on the popularity of games among Canadian punters.

Game Palette and Online Casino Game Formats

Starting the journey in the world of gambling entertainment, a player should first know that almost every game is available in two modes: free and for real money. Before discussing the most popular online casino games, let us explain the difference between these two game modes.

Demo Mode

slot machine

+ Opportunity to explore the world of gambling entertainment before depositing real money into your account

+ The player can discover the features, rules and betting options

+ Practice and master the basic strategies of the game before you start risking real money

+ Have fun without spending a dime

– More limited game and bonus options compared to real money games

Real Money Mode

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+ Opportunity to receive regular bonuses

+ Players in this mode can take part in various tournaments

+ Everyone can try their luck at winning real cash prizes

+ Chance to win the jackpot

– Any investment in games comes with the risk of losing money

Virtual Slot Machines

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Virtual analogues of one-armed bandits are among the top most frequently played online casino games today. The thing is that this is a fairly easy game that does not require the study of complex combinations and betting options. So if you are just getting acquainted with the world of gambling entertainment, this is the perfect option: just press the Spin button and enjoy the gameplay.

Modern software makers do their best to provide players with a huge selection of online machines, interesting themes and features, including extra rounds, progressive jackpots, etc.

Blackjack Online

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Blackjack is often ranked among the most popular games among Canadian gamblers. And this is not surprising because the game combines simple rules but at the same time is based not only on luck but also on the skills and attentiveness of the punter. In addition, the game has the lowest house edge among all online casino games. In any case, interesting gameplay and positive emotions are provided to you.

Roulette Variations

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Watching the virtual roulette wheel spin and waiting for the number to come up is a really exciting process. Players choose from a variety of bets available and place their virtual chips on the table. The modern game has many variations, ranging from the classic European version to roulette with several balls or wheels at the same time. All the punter needs to know is the payout ratios depending on the game variation and possible betting options.

Poker Games for True Fans

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Even though poker has its own special rules and requires the player to have experience and knowledge of combinations and strategies, there will always be true fans of this game. This is because various game options are available for them, differing in rules and payouts. In addition, online operators often held poker tournaments, making the gaming experience even more exciting.

Other Gambling Entertainment

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There are other gambling entertainments for those who simply do not want to learn complex rules and combinations. Their goal is to provide the punter maximum pleasure in the simplest possible way. Such games include various online lotteries, keno and bingo. It is enough just to bet on a certain number (or several numbers) and wait for the game results. As a rule, all possible bets are written on the table, which makes the gameplay even easier.

Live Online Casino Games


For thrill-seekers and land-based casino fans, modern online casinos offer the same roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and some exclusive live games. In this format, a professional dealer and other participants in the game will be with you throughout the game. You can ask questions or share your experience with other players from all over the world.

Some global gaming software brands have won the hearts of many gamblers by creating online casino games in this format. Companies like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Ezugi offer high gaming standards, including professional multilingual dealers and plenty of games to choose from.

Not surprisingly, live games have become more popular recently than RNG games. This is because this game format gives a fresher, more exciting and more unforgettable experience of card and board games.

What Games Canadian Gamblers Prefer

Hundreds of games available on Canadian online casino sites, and in some cases even thousands, make every player wonder: what kind of gambling activities do other Canadian gamblers choose? Some independent organizations collect such statistics to expand your horizons.

Some Statistics

The gambling industry is one of the main unofficial sources of income for the Canadian economy. Every year, local players spend about 4 billion on games at offshore casino sites. Overall, the budget receives about 17 billion Canadian dollars from online gambling in any of its form.

The most popular legal forms of gambling are national lotteries, bingo, sports betting and online slot machines.

As for land-based casinos, their popularity declined during the quarantine period and continues to decrease. This also affects the income of physical gaming establishments.

Other Popular Online Casino Games

GameTotal Revenue
Bingo, scratch cards and etc.8,7%

Top Factors in Finding the Best Games

All online casino games are unique in their features, rules and experience. However, there is a set of characteristics that no gambling entertainment can do without, for example, graphics and payout ratios. According to these criteria, some games are considered better, and some are worse. What exactly to look for when choosing a good game, read below.

Graphics and Sound Quality

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These two main factors, graphic and audio effects, create the overall image of the game: their quality, loading speed, variety and realism are all critical to the overall gaming experience. Experienced gamblers recognize the best game providers by high-end special effects, high-quality sound, and stunning game backgrounds and themes.

Payout Odds and Theoretical RTP

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In addition to the element of luck, each game also has a certain theoretical chance of winning and a payout ratio. Each game has different stats. The best online casino games are considered to be with RTP of 97%.

Having Progressive Jackpots and Bonus Rounds

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Additionally to the basic features, many games offer extra exciting ones. For example, huge progressive jackpots and additional bonus rounds will definitely surprise every gambler.

Compatibility with Other Devices


Every gaming software provider knows how important it is to adapt to the needs of gamblers today. For this reason, all recent releases are adapted to play on any device, including tablets and smartphones. It is not just a mobile-optimized game with a few features available. An epic gambling experience is created by the flawless operation of the mobile casino on any device, fast loading of games, clear and simple navigation using touch buttons on the screen, etc.

Game Classification Based on Theoretical House Edge

Many experienced gamblers choose online casino games based on their house edge figures. Games with a minimum indicator give gamblers more chances to win, albeit theoretically.

No one can change the advantage of the house since this indicator is laid directly by the gambling establishment. However, some strategies, experiences and skills allow players to increase their chances of winning. Still, you should not forget that all gambling entertainment is based on luck first.

Nevertheless, every wise gambler should know what house edge is and how to understand it correctly. Below we give examples of games taking into account this indicator.

GameTheoretical Odds
Video Poker0,46%
Roulette2,7% and 5,4%
Slot Machines2-8%
Caribbean Stud3-5%

These approximate numbers may change depending on the game variant, the bet chosen by the player and many other factors. The data is provided for reference.


What online casino games can I play for real money?

All games available on Canadian online casino sites are playable for real money. You can immediately switch to this game mode if you are confident in your abilities.

Which is the best online casino game among Canadians?

The game choice is based on the personal preferences of the gamblers. Many choose games considering RTP, and many prefer table games. Canadians love to play roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, and other popular games.

Which online casino game is easiest to win?

There are games with lower and higher chances of winning. However, these are just theoretical figures. In fact, all games of chance are based on the element of luck, so there are no games that will give you a 100% guarantee of winning.

What slot games can I play for free?

Almost all slot games can be played in demo mode first. Most likely, some features of the game will be limited. But this game mode is available in almost all online casinos.