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Projects are an important vehicle for promoting the development of evidence-based knowledge and for applying it in support of clinical practice. To advance our mission, the GAC works actively to identify and initiate such projects, and seeks out opportunities and partners with whom to engage in such projects.

The GAC is always looking for appropriate partnership opportunities

Consider a partnership with the GAC if you are:

  • Conducting research to identify care gaps that suggest the need for clinical practice guidelines
  • Evaluating published evidence, developing guidelines or other forms of evidence-based recommendations, or producing clinical decisions tools or are summarizing best clinical practices
  • Exploring ways to make evidence based recommendations for best practice more available, accessible and relevant to the clinical decision-maker
  • Involved in adapting clinical practice guidelines to address the particular needs or environment of your local health system
  • Developing educational, disease management, or system integration programs to promote the dissemination and implementation of evidence

What the GAC can bring to a partnership
In carrying out our core services, the GAC has developed expertise in assessing care gaps and the quality of evidence, synthesizing evidence-based recommendations for best clinical practice, training health professionals in critical appraisal skills, and providing advisory and support services for evidence implementation initiatives.

Through our various collaborative projects, the GAC has built up valuable relationships with other guideline and evidence-related organizations and programs in Ontario, across Canada, and internationally.