The Guidelines Advisory Committee has joined the Centre for Effective Practice. For more information click here.

A Message to GAC Users....

In February 2010, the Guidelines Advisory Committee (GAC) archived its current list of endorsed guidelines and related summaries. Despite of its best efforts to sustain the GAC Review Process, the GAC has been unable to secure the funds necessary to support its role of endorsing and summarizing clinical practice guidelines for use in Ontario. We are continuing to seek new opportunities to engage in the GAC Review Process and will be reaching out to our users over the coming months for their input and suggestions.

The work of the GAC will continue through project based activity at the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP). Since joining the CEP the GAC has had the opportunity to apply its methodology and experience to projects designed to not only summarize evidence but also actively disseminate and implement evidence into practice. These projects reflect both the recognition of the GAC brand and credibility as well as the GACs ability, with CEP, to deliver high quality products that are both useful and relevant to Ontario’s practitioners.

We invite you to visit the Centre for Effective Practice website for more information:

Page last updated October 27, 2010