Canadian High Roller Casinos

In the general audience of gamblers, some have accumulated their bankroll for years and are now ready to play big. The so-called casino whales or high rollers are players for whom online operators create the most comfortable conditions and who receive exclusive privileges for their activity and generosity.

This guide will tell you what privileges Canadian high roller casinos offer and how to choose the best site for playing for high stakes.

What Payment Methods Do High Rollers Choose?

Perhaps you have already wondered why gambling sites offer so many different banking methods. The answer is simple: not all payment options have the same conditions, particularly regarding the limit on deposits and withdrawals of winnings.

Since high rollers play at tables with high limits, they have to deposit considerable amounts into the game account. Therefore, the best high roller casinos only work with payment systems that process large amounts of money at a time. In addition, these payment providers guarantee the safety of funds, fast processing of transactions and minimal commissions.

Among visitors to high roller casino sites, the most popular payment methods are:

  • Transfers to a bank card (payments are processed longer, but the level of transaction security is high);
  • Visa and MasterCard (not accepted in all casinos);
  • PayPal (popular due to fast payment processing);
  • Neteller (one of the most popular e-wallets).

Usually, Canadian high rollers prefer bank transfers and credit cards. The reason is that these payment methods allow punters to transfer large amounts of money without any restrictions.

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Main Criteria for Choosing a High Roller Casino

For those players who come to an online casino with a large sum, it is important to be 100% sure of the safety of this site and a number of other aspects that the best high roller casinos should have. Of all those available on the market, the best casinos stand out by:

License from an Authoritative Commission

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Any Canadian casino that is not a scam is licensed by local or offshore gambling regulators, including the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

High Limits on Deposits and Withdrawals

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This point is very important for high rollers, as they place large bets on the line. The ability to make deposits and withdraw winnings without any restrictions is the key to successful cooperation between the whale casino and the online operator.

High Transaction Speed

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All major players expect the same level of service from a high roller casino. This also applies to payment processing times. Given the amounts of high roller bets, online operators are interested in speeding up the process of depositing and withdrawing funds as much as possible.

VIP Service and Privileges

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One of the reasons all punters, at least once in their life, would like to be in the place of a high roller is the privileges of the casino. Of course, all of them may differ depending on the gambling site, but you can be 100% sure of their generosity.

What High Roller Casinos Offer Their Players

The most comfortable and positive gambling experience of high rollers is largely due to exclusive offers and special VIP service. Reputable virtual high roller casinos, like land-based gaming halls, offer their VIP players more privileges. If you are a casino whale, you can expect the following perks from online operators:

Generous Deposit Bonuses

As traditional online casinos, high roller gambling sites offer registered players bonuses for each deposit. However, only the sizes of these offers are much larger and vary from 100 to 300%. For example, if you deposited 1,000 Canadian dollars into your gaming account, you can receive up to 3,000 Canadian dollars in credits.

Personal Manager

Upon reaching the status of a high roller (the conditions vary in different casinos), the punter automatically becomes a VIP player and receives a personal manager or VIP concierge. These specialists answer all the player’s questions even during the gameplay. They are available at any time of the day, even on weekends, and advise on all issues, including depositing, receiving bonuses, payouts, etc.

Private Closed Tournaments

The best high roller casinos organize private tournaments between VIP players. Only casino whales get access to such events. Usually, the number of players is limited, which increases your chances of becoming a winner. Participation in such closed tournaments is free.

Generous Cashback Bonus

Even high rollers periodically suffer losses regardless of the player’s experience and skills. In their case, it is a lot of money. To somehow compensate for these losses, online operators pay cashback. This is part of the lost money in the form of credits to the gambler’s account. Thus, the administration of a high roller casino is trying to smooth out the blow from a negative gaming experience and increase customer loyalty to the casino.

No Limits on Deposits and Withdrawals

As we have already said, rather big amounts pass through high roller accounts, so casinos set very high withdrawal and deposit limits. In addition, high rollers usually get their winnings faster than regular players do.

Additional Bonuses

Online operators offering whale casino services know how important it is to give special attention to each player on their birthday or any other holiday. Therefore, they regularly reward their players on Christmas, Easter, casino or gambler birthdays, registration anniversaries, etc. On such days, VIP punters get special bonuses for playing.

High Limit Games

High rollers do not know what betting limits are. For them, tables with the highest stakes are available in the casino. In addition, VIP players can also visit the exclusive virtual lobby with maximum stake games.

Participation in VIP events

Usually, online high roller casinos offer the most active players invitations to various exclusive events, including sports events, fashion shows, various conferences, etc.

Conditions for Claiming and Wagering Bonuses

Some online operators impose restrictions on bonus funds that are valid for some time. This means that the player cannot withdraw the winnings from using these funds for some time. In addition, almost all high roller casinos set conditions for wagering bonuses. That is, the punter must wager an amount equal to the bonus a certain number of times.

Let us say a player makes a deposit of 200 Canadian dollars, and the bonus from the casino is 100% of the deposit. That is, the high roller receives another 200 Canadian dollars to their game account. At the same time, the casino has set a wagering requirement of 10x. This means the punter must wager the bonus amount 10 times before withdrawing funds from the account.

Wagering requirements can vary considerably from casino to casino and even between bonus offers. Before agreeing to a bonus, study the conditions or check with your personal manager how it works.

Online High Roller Casino vs. Offline Establishments

In addition to differences in the overall gameplay, visitors to online and land-based high roller casinos receive slightly different privileges. We have compared these exclusive offers below so you can see the difference.

Online Casino for High Rollers

  • Big welcome bonus packages
  • Unlimited gambling options, including live games
  • Ability to play without leaving your home
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals directly to a card or e-wallet address

Offline Casino for High Rollers

  • Complimentary drinks and snacks
  • More limited selection of games, but exclusive high-stakes tables are also available
  • A casino hotel room is available
  • Instant payouts

Available Casino Games for High Rollers

As in a traditional online casino, visitors to high roller casino sites offer a wide variety of games, but at the same time, maximum bets are available. Roulette, baccarat and blackjack remain the most popular among whale casinos.

Table Games

In such casinos, you will usually find several versions of each of the games presented. Some versions differ in the rules, and not only in the size of the bets. The most popular entertainment among high rollers are:

  • Blackjack. This game attracts the attention of many players due to the lowest house edge. This suggests that the gambler’s chances of winning are higher than, for example, playing at the roulette table. The rules and process of the game are quite simple, but the presence of many strategies makes the process more interesting.
  • Roulette. It is a classic and one of the most beloved games among casino whales. Only in this game, you can bet a fortune on one spin.
  • Baccarat. This game is also a favourite gambling entertainment for high stake players. The simple rules make it quite popular.

Live Games

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Almost all the games available in the casino for VIP players are also presented in the live game format, that is, they are played by a real dealer live. High rollers also like game shows, which gather quite a few fans of excitement and high stakes.

Slot Machines

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The player can place maximum bets on the maximum available lines when playing online slots. Some virtual casinos also have a multi-screen feature that allows you to spin the virtual reel of several slot machines at the same time.


Who is considered a high roller at a casino?

Players who regularly bet large amounts are considered high rollers. However, it should be understood that in all casinos, there is a threshold at which players are considered big ones.

Do casinos like high rollers?

Yes. Such players can provide online platforms with the necessary income thanks to the high stakes.

How much do you have to gamble to be a high roller?

There are no set rules and amounts that you need to spend to become a high roller. In some casinos, it is enough to make deposits of 100 Canadian dollars, while in some sites – it is from 500 Canadian dollars.

How do casinos attract high rollers?

To do this, they have developed a rewarding system. Casino whales spend a lot of money on games, so casinos thank them in the form of exclusive offers, invitations to private tournaments and events, etc.