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Disclaimer Details

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Security of Site Visitors

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Responsible Gaming

We once again insist that the players and readers of our resource adhere to the principles of responsible gaming. If you notice a disorder in your gaming behaviour, we strongly recommend you seek qualified help.

Causes of Gambling Disorders

If you think you are at risk for gambling addiction, consider the risk factors below. You are prone to problem gambling if:

  • More than once, you went beyond the gaming budget, spending more than you had previously planned.
  • You immediately feel annoyed and angry if someone or something prevents you from spending time playing casino games.
  • You often think about how to win back to return all the lost funds.
  • You lose touch with reality when playing. This leads to you no longer tracking how much time you spend on casino sites.
  • You often hide the truth from family and friends to hide your gambling addiction.
  • You cannot stop even after winning and keep playing until your bankroll is empty.
  • Constantly trying to raise the stakes to get even more excitement from the games.
  • Prefer to play casino games instead of spending time with family and friends or even not going to work.

Consequences of Gambling Addiction

Many gamblers make a mistake at the beginning of their journey. They perceive casino games not as a way to have fun but as a way to earn big money. However, you must understand that gambling is based on luck, and game results depend on a random number generator. Unfortunately, luck is not always on your side.

Ultimately, the one who finds themselves in such a situation takes root in cardinal changes in their life. Gambling addicts have problems at work and in relationships with relatives, and there are problems with finances. Players will become emotionally unstable in the future, leading to stress and health problems.

Remember, online gaming is fun as long as you take it seriously.